Junat kartalla

Junat kartalla

December 29, 2016

Android React React Native Transportation


Junat kartalla is an app to track live trains on map on mobile devices.

Checkout Junat kartalla Android app at Google Play Store


One day I was traveling on VR train to meet my grandparents in summer. Like a true geek I was interested where I was travelling, how fast and was my train late. Naturally searched the app store and found the official VR live train app. The app sucked. It was buggy and slow. It was having rough criticism in the app review section. I had 6 hours left on my trip. Let's start coding!

First I found it difficult to build this app. But eventually it came together. First releases were buggy but after many code optimizations it was performing better. I also invested into automated app testing and releasing to make my life easier. App has had lots of changes in the development stack because I wanted to test every solution. I think I have nailed it down now, though development never stops.


  • React Native
    • MobX
    • React Native Navigation
    • React Native Paper
  • Firebase
    • Analytics
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Test Lab
  • GitLab
    • Repository Hosting
    • CI/CD